Aica MB Laminates

PT Aica Indonesia as one of the largest interior finishing material companies in Indonesia introduced MB Laminates. This product is an alternative type of HPL to the Aica HPL J-Cube which has been known to the public for a long time. This HPL product has a wide choice of motifs, colors and textures, all of which are listed in the 'MB Laminates: Laminates Reimagined' catalog.

What is the difference between Aica HPL J-Cube and Aica HPL MB Laminates?

Some people will definitely ask what the difference is between Aica HPL J-Cube and Aica MB Laminates, considering that both have the same HPL product catalogue. Here are the differences between Aica HPL J-Cube and MB Laminates.

  1. HPL thickness

Aica MB Laminates is an HPL product which has a thickness of 0.7 mm for the HPL regular series and 0.8 mm for the HPL MBA series. Meanwhile, the Aica HPL listed in the J-Cube catalog has a thickness of 0.8 mm for regular HPL and 1 mm for HPL which has a white core as well as the HPL variant with a glossy texture finish.

  1. Core Material

Aica MB Laminates has a brown core material (or what is usually called core), just like HPL in general. Meanwhile, the Aica HPL J-Cube has a brown core for the regular HPL, a white core for the Purecore HPL, yellow for the Yellowcore HPL and black for the Blackcore HPL.

  1. Choice of Surface Finishing

In the Aica MB Laminates catalog you will get 10 surface finish variants that you can choose according to your needs. Meanwhile, in the Aica HPL J-Cube catalog, you can choose the surface finish from 16 available options.

  1. Edging

One of the advantages of Aica MB Laminates is that this product has an HPL edging variant. As for the motifs available for edging, these are products that have the word 'ed' written under the product code as stated in the Aica MB Laminates catalogue. Meanwhile, the Aica HPL J-Cube does not have HPL edging.

Where Can You Get Aica HPL MB Laminates?

You can get Aica HPL MB Laminates at the nearest Aica Indonesia agents or by contacting our distributor at PT Marga Bharata to be directed to the location of an available agent near you. Contact PT Marga Bharata on the following number +6221-6019838 or you can visit the PT Marga Bharata Sales Office at the following address.

This is a brief introduction to one of the HPL product variants from Aica Indonesia. Aica MB Laminates itself is expected to be an alternative choice of HPL material that is more affordable but still of high quality.

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