anti-bacterial hpl

Anti-bacterial HPL is HPL (High Pressure Laminates) which has an anti-bacterial layer, whether in the form of a coating or other types. Aica Indonesia recently released the latest breakthrough by making all its regular HPL into anti-bacterial HPL.

But what is the importance of anti-bacterial HPL? How long will the feature last? And where is the most appropriate area to use anti-bacterial HPL? Below Aica will provide a review for you!

Uses of Anti-Bacterial HPL

Kode Aica HPL anti bakteri
New Aica HPL code after anti-bacterial feature upgrade

As we all know, starting in 2024, most of the Aica HPLs listed in the Aica J-Cube catalog will get additional anti-bacterial features. This feature enhancement is not provided for several types of products due to technical reasons. For complete information regarding the addition of anti-bacterial features, you can read the following article.

Anti-bacterial HPL is a very important interior finishing material to use nowadays, considering that HPL is used in almost every part of the interior of a room, be it houses, hotels, schools, hospitals and various other public areas. The more human contact there is with furniture in the room, the more bacteria will move from humans to furniture and then to other humans. This is what makes anti-bacterial HPL very important in efforts to minimize the spread of dangerous bacteria through furniture or other HPL surfaces.

Aica Indonesia is aware of the importance of this, therefore anti-bacterial features are provided on most Aica HPL products.

Durability of Aica Anti-Bacterial Features

Next, you might be wondering how long the anti-bacterial feature on Aica HPL will last? Here's the explanation!

The anti-bacterial feature in Aica HPL is HPL which is dipped in anti-bacterial resin and pressed using high pressure, so that the anti-bacterial feature in Aica HPL penetrates into the deepest structure of the HPL and is not just a coating on the outer layer of the HPL. This feature will continue to exist and last as long as the HPL is not damaged, peeled or cracked or broken.

SIAA logo
Aica HPL anti-bacterial feature tested by SIAA for KOHKIN

Not just a claim, Aica HPL's anti-bacterial feature has passed the SIAA for KOHKIN test from Japan, which you can access in full on the following page.

Where is anti-bacterial HPL used?

Aica HPL anti bakteri
anti-bacterial HPL by Aica

HPL with anti-bacterial features should be used in areas that are densely visited and where there is a lot of human interaction, such as dining tables, reception areas and as door leaf coatings, as well as in areas that require a high level of hygiene such as operating rooms and inpatient rooms. to the baby's room.

This is an explanation regarding the importance of using HPL with anti-bacterial features. Provide maximum protection for your loved ones by choosing anti-bacterial Aica HPL for finishing your furniture and building interior.

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