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Cerarl Non-combustible Decorative Panels are wall decorative panels made with a decorative layer impregnated with melamine resin and a special non-combustible core, which is one of Aica Indonesia's leading products in the domestic and foreign markets today.

Cerarl is highly recommended for use as kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. With its advantages of being heat-resistant and humidity-resistant, easy to clean, durable, anti-bacterial and very easy to install, Cerarl is one of the main choices for alternative uses of granite and marble which tend to be impractical in the installation process and of course at a higher price.

After the success of the previous 23 patterns, in the final quarter of 2022 Aica launched 5 new patterns for the Cerarl Non-combustible Decorative Panels product. Of course this is a commitment and efforts from Aica Indonesia's to realize the ideas and needs of Aica's customers throughout Indonesia.

Here are 5 new patterns for Cerarl Non-combustible Decorative Panels from Aica Indonesia :


It should be noted that the naming of this products always begins with the code XK, while the WAF code on one of the 5 new variants mentioned above is a pattern of the +Wonder Indonesia product.

With the addition of these 5 new patterns, currently Cerarl Non-combustible Decorative Panels are available in 28 different patterns. With a luxurious and elegant appearance, it comes in a size of 3 x 8 feet or the equivalent of 935 x 2455 mm (+2/-2) and a thickness of 3 mm. As mentioned above, Cerarl is very easy to apply. To cut Cerarl, you only need an ordinary circular saw with a 60 or 80 blade. Cerarl can also be drilled easily using an electric drill and saw (example for making power sockets, etc).

You can get the 5 newest patterns at the nearest HPL shops or through Aica agents throughout Indonesia.

Don't miss the latest catalogs, download digitally by clicking here. Or for a physical catalog, send a request via our Instagram at @aica.id .

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