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Ramadan usually represents an exciting time for everyone, especially for business and service promoters who use online marketing to help sell their products/services. This is because, during the month of Ramadan, business activists confront additional hurdles in order to optimize sales and engagement from the products/services they offer in the midst of increased digital activity.

It is undeniable that digital activities such as social media, platforms for watching movies, and marketplaces will increase during Ramadan, but as digital marketing implementers, we must understand the habits of potential consumers during Ramadan, which we can later use to maximize business in selling products/services. what we have to offer.

In this article, Aica will provide an overview of changes in consumer behavior in Indonesia during Ramadan, focusing on digital media consumers.

How Is Consumer Behaviour Change?

Changes in consumer behavior in Indonesia during Ramadan do not just happen; they are driven by a variety of factors, including shifting productive hours and changing desires and needs during the month of Ramadan.

  • Changing Productive Hours
    During the month of Ramadan, many businesses, stores, and even schools change their working hours. This is integrally linked to adjustments in the time of consumer activity to tolerance for people who fast so that they may adjust the time of worship, night's rest, and daybreak.
  • Changing Desires and Needs
    Ramadan also boosts the amount of buying and selling in a variety of business sectors, including the food service sector, culinary ingredients, and clothing. This is due to changing demands during Ramadan, such as the appearance of the need for homecoming to the need for new clothes before Eid, as well as the Holiday Allowance (THR) received by various groups of workers.

Based on the two criteria mentioned above, here are some things you should be aware of regarding changes in customer behavior in Indonesia in order to enhance your digital campaigns.

1. Time Spent on Social Media during Ramadan

If you actively advertise on social media, whether hard or soft marketing, you must be aware of this!
The active time of social media in Indonesia changes during the month of Ramadan. The following is a classification of the distribution of active time for social media users throughout Ramadan, according to

Aica Ramadhan

During these times, the number and activity of social media users has increased. As a result, social media specialists can use this time to upload content, promote adverts, and sell via live streaming platforms such as Instagram live or TikTok live. Don't let your cool content get up at the wrong time!

2. Visits to Websites

Aside from social media, website visitors notice behavioral changes. According to, there is an increase in traffic on the website during Ramadan, both in the morning (suhoor time) and during the day (break time). The following are the increases that occurred:

Aica Ramadhan

You may utilize this information to execute promotional campaigns on the website, and the most essential thing is to keep your website running smoothly at these critical periods.

3. Public Consumption

Those of you who own a business and work in the following industries must take advantage of the Ramadan period to enhance sales or consumer awareness of the products/services you sell.

Aica Ramadhan

Because this business group is considered to experience an increase during Ramadan considering that the month of Ramadan is side by side with the Eid day where the level of public consumption ahead of Eid tends to increase.

4. Like to Share More

Muslims are required to pay zakat during the month of Ramadan. During this month, kids also compete in acts of kindness, one of which is sharing. There are plenty of movements, such as providing takjil, iftar meals, and Eid clothing for those who are in need.
Every year, the total nominal amount of zakat and alms distributed by the community in Indonesia rises. The following information is taken from the National Amil Zakat Agency's website,

Aica Ramadhan

The data demonstrates how common the culture of sharing is during Ramadan. With these types of movements, you can attract the attention of your customers by offering cheap promotions on the things you sell, and then distributing the discounted value to charity or people in need. Remember to publicize the disbursement of funds! So that participants are comfortable spending their money.

5. Better Relationships with Family

In Indonesia, Ramadan and Eid are closely associated with the culture of hospitality with family. This occasion is typically used to apologize to each other and reconnect with distant families who have not seen each other in a long time.

Aica Ramadhan

This fact can be used by those of you who want to create promotional content in the form of photos or videos, create concepts related to home/hometown, family and parents. This will really relate to the situation of Ramadhan and Eid which are full of togetherness and warmth. Steal the hearts of your consumers through empathy.

So, Aica's friends, these are some things that you need to pay attention to regarding consumer behavior which is relatively changing during the month of Ramadan. Take advantage of the Ramadan moment with the right digital marketing strategy, so that your promotional materials can be delivered properly and optimally.

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