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Hi Aica friends, especially to welcome the month of Ramadan, Aica would like to share a few tips about digital marketing strategies that you can really apply at this moment in the month of Ramadan. Because nowadays digital marketing seems to be a 'mandatory' thing for all product and service providers, so that the products/services available can be known by consumers more broadly.

Utilizing digital marketing in the month of Ramadan can also be very effective considering that some consumers who observe fasting will limit their activities outside the home, including shopping at conventional stores and turning to digital platforms to buy the necessities.

Before that, Aica friends who act as product/service providers must widely inform that the products/services being sold are available and can be bought on digital trade platforms, be it on marketplaces such as Shopee and Tokopedia, or through personal Instagram and WhatsApp store contact.

So that Aica's friends can find out more clearly about what to do to maximize digital marketing in the month of Ramadan, let's take a look at the following article!

Why so special?

This question may arise when we think about marketing strategies, especially digital marketing, why do we have to bother thinking about special campaigns/strategies for only 30 days of Ramadan?

It turns out that the following are some of the reasons why digital marketers should take advantage of the Ramadan moment.

  • Become one of the centers of celebration in Indonesia
Aica campaign

The month of Ramadan is one of the big moments for the majority of Indonesian people. Apart from being only once a year, the month of Ramadan is also a moment for holding various kinds of activities and celebrations that occur at various levels, ranging from individual, family to national.

  • The consumption of the Indonesian people has increased

Quoted from, the level of consumption of Indonesian people increases by 25-30% during the month of Ramadan. This shows the high level of trust the Indonesian people have in spending money during the month of Ramadan. The majority of the increase in sales was felt by businesses in the culinary and fashion sectors. But don't worry, the building and interior materials provider sector also has the opportunity to increase sales, bearing in mind that the tradition of family gatherings ahead of Eid is still very strong in Indonesia, so that not a few people carry out home renovations ahead of Eid, both major and minor renovations.

After knowing these reasons, what can we do to maximize marketing this Ramadan? Here's the review!

  1. Increase Awareness

Aica Campaign

This one aspect is certainly very familiar to digital marketers to social media specialists in various business fields, but what can be "different" in the month of Ramadan?

  • Release of Ramadan Marketing Tools

First, you can try making Ramadan-related marketing tools which you can later share for free, for example, Ramadan calendars (imsakiyah schedules), Ramadan wallpapers, notebooks, or maybe small prayer mats. You can share these marketing tools via Live Instagram or giveaway via other social media.

  • Relevant influencers

Product introduction and marketing is also considered effective through the word of mouth method. We can implement this method into digital marketing with the help of KOL/influencers. The average level of public trust will increase if our product has been reviewed and recommended by influencers with similar backgrounds such as economy, interests, language and region. Special for the month of Ramadan, you can choose influencers known as religious millennials, who can review your product while paying attention to its relevance to the month of Ramadan. Don't be afraid, influencers don't have to be direct at the national level, local influencers are OK, the point is, keep an eye on the needs and available budget.

2. Strengthen Omni-Channel

Aica Campaign

Keep mixing and matching online and offline marketing during the month of Ramadan! If previously it was said that consumers tend to switch to online channels during the month of Ramadan, it doesn't mean that we completely abandon offline marketing!

  • Online Marketing

Use a Push and Pull Marketing strategy. What is that?

    • Push Marketing: strengthen organic content and ads on social media during consumer active hours during Ramadan. In other words, 'force' consumers to see the content of our products.
    • Pull Marketing: produce interesting content and strengthen SEO on every e-commerce page and personal website. This is to support the push marketing strategy, so that people who have visited our digital platform will 'fall in love' with the available content.
  • Offline Marketing

Offline marketing can still be carried out in the month of Ramadan, for example by installing marketing materials in a crowded place, opening a booth at the 'ngabuburit' location, and holding an iftar event together.

Don't forget, pay attention to product availability during the month of Ramadan to anticipate a surge in orders from consumers. Do not let the promotions and campaigns are good but the stock of goods is low. As an illustration, use last year's sales data (during the month of Ramadan) or competitor data to determine the number of products.

3. Ramadan Product and Sale

Aica Campaign

Presenting special Ramadan products and sale also means that brands and businesses really participate in the celebration of Ramadan. The following are examples of promos that can be applied during the month of Ramadan:

  • Buy 1 Get 1
  • Packaging/Bundling special Ramadhan
  • Discounts
  • Door prize THR

And of course there are many more. For promo matters, we must pay attention to the compatibility between the products we sell and the promos that will be carried out.

4. Alms Invitation

Aica Campaign

The month of Ramadan is a momentum for people to seek blessings and rewards and to share goodness with each other. We can provide product packages that include alms costs, which we can later distribute to charities, disaster victims, orphans and so on. Don't forget to report each distribution in a real and transparent manner on your social media, so that everyone who participates feels at ease with the money they spend.

So, those are the digital marketing strategies for the month of Ramadan that Aica's friends can apply to their respective businesses. And keep in mind that every type of business certainly has a different ideal strategy, I hope reading this article can give you an idea of which strategy is suitable for your business, Aica's friends.

The month of Ramadan has arrived, don't let you miss the best opportunity to worship and of course stay optimal in your business.

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