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The choice of interior color greatly influences the comfort and even the health of all the occupants of the house. This matter because choosing the right color and tone will have a positive psychological and mood effect on the audience its inhabitants. This is why the color composition in the room needs to be considered more carefully.

Lately, earth tones or natural earth colors have become a trend because they can creates a calming atmosphere in the residence. Earth tone colors are very popular because they have the effect of bringing warmth, tranquility and comfort without ignore the aesthetic side and can still be combined with modern designs. This color itself is most often applied in natural style residences, such as Scandinavian, Japandi to modern tropical.

Here, Aica provides inspiration about earth colors or earth tones that you can use to beautify your interior building!

  1. Cream color (Beige), closely related to Japanese Scandinavian design

Ide warna interior
Beige Color for Kitchen Cabinet

For you fans of Japandi design, you will never run out of inspiration for this earth tone color, beige. This cream color element can provide a calm and warm interior design, which suits the characteristics Japandi design. So that it doesn't seem boring, also add a little touch of natural green through indoor ornamental plants, both real and imitation plants. Also, you can use the cream color on the Aica HPL product - code AK-13005-CN74 (Antique White) or AK-13025-CN74 (Beige).

  1. Luxurious brown color for room design inspiration

Ide Warna Interior Cokelat
Brown Color for Bedroom

Room design is often the main target for those of you who have lots of activities at home such as Working From Home (WFH), because you will spend a lot of time at home. For those of you who don't have excess land to create a work space, of course turning the main bedroom into a work space could be an option.

Brown is an earth tone color that can bring a luxurious impression to your main bedroom. Combined with wood-patterned materials such as Aica HPL code AK-14072-CY25 (Light Pixie Oak), it makes the atmosphere of the room even more beautiful, your main room feels luxurious and comfortable to linger in.

  1. Gray, earth tone with elegant feel

Desain Lemari
Gray Color for Wardrobe

This color is almost a 'must have' for those of you who love earth tones. Because gray is a color which can wrap the impression of 'earth tone' and 'elegant' impression into one. The gray color itself is a representation of natural rock material, so there is no mistake if it is one color you can classify this as an earth tone. Gray is usually used on room walls, combined with other plain colors as a finish furniture in it, such as using Aica HPL code  AK-14063-CS83 (Gray Leger Stone).

These are 'earth tones' color idea that you can choose to beautify the interior of your building. Make sure you choose the right color combination and good quality product, so that later you can enjoy the results of your interior design work for a longer time.

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