Granite Alternative

The choice of table top materials on the market today is very diverse. Starting from natural materials to artificial materials with a lot of benefits. The choice of table top material is depends to your needs, location of application and your budget.

For table tops that are located in wet areas, the material must be water and moisture resistant, while table tops that are placed outdoors must have an anti-UV coating, and on the market you can now easily find a wide choice of table top materials with these advantages.

Granite Alternative

Who doesn't know this material, granite. Granite is a table top material that is very well known among interior design activists. This material comes from nature and has advantages in terms of aesthetics and naturalness. But behind it all, granite has disadvantages, such as its complex application and maintenance which seems extra.

Are you looking for an alternative to granite as a table top material? Here Aica provides a review for you!

1. ToughTop

Alternatif Granite
ToughTop - Top Table Materials From Aica Indonesia

ToughTop is the latest innovation in the line of table top material products. This product is a Japanese technology table top material. However, it turns out that ToughTop is produced domestically. ToughTop has various advantages such as easy application, abrasion (scratch) resistance, high heat resistance, impact resistance and anti-bacterial features. Apart from that, ToughTop has also been tested to be water and moisture resistant so it is safe to use as a kitchen table top/kitchen set.

2. Marble

Alternatif Granite
Marble Kitchen Desk (Source: Google)

As granite's twin brother, marble is a material that both comes from nature. Marble is usually used as a table top material because of its advantages in terms of aesthetics with its various motifs. Marble is often a symbol of luxury in the world of interior design, but behind its luxury, marble also requires extra maintenance which requires users to carry out a coating process every year. Not to mention that installing marble requires special personnel which of course will require additional costs for the process. And one thing you need to know is that marble material has pores, so if there is liquid or stains it must be cleaned thoroughly before the liquid absorbs it and leaves stains that cannot be cleaned.

3. Solid Surfaces

Solid surface
Solid Surface Kitchen Desk (source: Google)

This material is an artificial product that is probably most often used as an alternative to marble as a table top material. Solid surface has advantages such as being water and stain resistant, easy to clean and has a variety of motifs. However, in terms of durability, solid surfaces are often complained about because of their low resistance to scratches.

4. Stainless Steel

Pilihan Top Table
Stainless Steel Kitchen Desk

Still rarely heard of table tops using stainless steel? Make no mistake, stainless steel material is often used as table tops, especially kitchen set top tables in professional kitchens such as restaurant and hotel kitchens. Its advantages are no joke, it is waterproof, heat resistant, impact resistant and rust resistant. However, from an aesthetic perspective, this stainless steel material lags behind other materials. Because not all kitchen designs will match the silver color of the stainless steel material.

These are several choices of table top materials that you can choose as an alternative to granite. From these choices, make sure you choose a material that has many advantages that can meet your needs. And don't forget to match it to the room design, surrounding environmental conditions and your budget.

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