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High Pressure Laminates (HPL) is an interior finishing material that cannot be ignored in people's daily lives. Starting from waking up, having breakfast, doing activities, having dinner, until going back to sleep, we will definitely encounter various forms of HPL applications, be it on furniture, doors or room walls.

Aica Indonesia, as a company that has been producing quality HPL and Japanese technology for 50 years, always innovates in producing the best interior finishing material products, especially in this case HPL. As we know, Aica HPL itself has various types with various advantages, all of which are the oldest in the Aica HPL J-Cube catalog.

But did you know that at the beginning of 2024, Aica will innovate again with its HPL product? Read more in the following article!

Safer with Aica HPL Anti-Bacterial

HPL Anti Bakteri Aica

Welcoming the new year 2024, as well as celebrating Aica Indonesia's 50th birthday, PT Aica Indonesia made a breakthrough in the Aica HPL J-Cube product. The reason is, Aica HPL J-Cube, which was previously a regular HPL, will now be completely upgraded to become an Anti-Bacterial HPL!

This change will certainly be very beneficial for consumers considering that almost all Aica HPL products will have anti-bacterial features. As for those of you who don't know, what are the advantages of using Anti-Bacterial HPL? And how is it different from regular HPL? Here we explain the answer!

Anti-Bacterial HPL is HPL that is given a special layer that can kill bacteria that land on its surface in a matter of hours. Remember, the 'layer' layer is not just a coating or coating paint, but rather a special layer that is pressed together with other HPL components so that it will have longer anti-bacterial resistance compared to just a coating or coating paint alone. Anti-Bacterial HPL is very suitable for use in areas that require a high level of hygiene such as dining tables, kitchen tables and cabinets, baby room cupboards and so on.

Information Related to Quality Improvement

Please be informed that the change in Aica HPL product features to Aica HPL Anti Bacterial will be applied to Aica HPL Regular (AS), Purecore (ASW), Realcore (ASY), Blackcore (ASB), +Wonder (WA & WAW) and Aica HPL products. Local code (INA). As for products that do not have additional anti-bacterial features, they include products starting with the code AK which have a Y34 finish, products starting with the code MAS (Aica HPL finishing metal), VAS (Veltouch) and ASQ (Aica HPL glitter motif). Meanwhile, the Celsus (TAS) and Virutect (YAS) products have not experienced any changes because they have had anti-bacterial features from the start. Due to this increase in quality, there will be adjustments/changes to the product code as the identity of the Anti-Bacterial product. You can see product code changes in the following table:

Anti bakterial code

As time goes by, Aica Indonesia continues to innovate to present the best quality interior finishing material products, make sure you are part of our innovation journey in presenting the best works in developing the country.

Aica Indonesia is available throughout Indonesia and you can get it at the nearest agents in your city. Don't forget to visit the Aica Indonesia showroom located at Okabe Gallery Alam Sutera and the Aica Marketing Office at Trinity Tower, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

See you in the next article, Aica – AICAndoit!

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