how to install cerarl

As one of the best-selling decorative panel products nowaday, Interior Designer usually already know about Cerarl Noncombustible Decorative Panels. With a wide selection of luxurious and elegant pattern, Cerarl can be used as a kitchen backsplash and bathroom wall. Various advantages are also offered, such as heat and humidity resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning, anti-bacterial, and an easy installation process.

Talking about the easy installation process, have you known the steps for the Cerarl installation process correctly? Read the following article!

How to install Cerarl

  1. Prepare Cerarl Noncombustible Decorative Panels according to the size needed.
cerarl install
cerarl install

Cerarl has a size of 3 x 8 feet or the equivalent of 935 x 2455 mm (+2/-2) with a thickness of 3 mm. Cerarl can be cut easily, just use a circular saw with a 60 or 80 blade. Cerarl is also easy to drill holes using an electric drill (for example for making electric sockets, etc).

2. Use the double-coated foam tape on the back of the Cerarl as shown below.

cerarl install

Double-coated foaming tape serves as a temporary adhesive for Cerarl on the wall while waiting for the main glue to adhere perfectly.

3. Apply the main adhesive glue on the back of the Cerarl. Use Sealent SE-8 from Aica as the main adhesive glue. Apply as shown below.

cerarl install

Make sure the glue is also applied to the edges of the Cerarl. Sealant SE-8 will stick perfectly within 24 hours.

4. Open the double-coated foaming tape protective paper and then attach Cerarl to the desired part of the wall.

cerarl install
cerarl install

Cerarl can be attached directly to plastered, ceramic, plywood, gypsum and HMR walls.

5. Put pressure on all parts of the Cerarl that have been attached, especially the part where there is double-coated foaming tape applied.

cerarl installation

This step is to strengthen the cerarl's bond to the wall while waiting for Sealant SE-8 to adhere perfectly.

6. Remove the masking film on the face of Cerarl.

cerarl installation

Masking film serves as protection for Cerarl to avoid scratches and defects caused by the shipping process.

7. For the connection between panels, you can use a joiner (order joiner now) or you can also use Sealant to fill in the connection gap.

cerarl sealant

Connection Gap Using Sealant

aica joiner

Connection Gap Using Joiner

With 6 easy steps, Cerarl Noncombustible Decorative Panels are properly installed. Of course, this allows anyone to install Cerarl, without having to require special workers, Cerarl can provide luxurious results wrapped in convenience.

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