How To Use Aica-Aibon

Aica aibon is a brand of a yellow glue product which has been the main choice in Indonesia for a long time. Produced by PT Aica Indonesia, Aica Aibon glue (or better known as "Lem Aibon") is commonly used to glue various materials such as HPL, plywood, rubber, synthetic leather and metal plates.

Based on the method of application, Aica Aibon glue is divided into 2 types, namely:

  • Polish type (smeared application)
  • Spray type (application by spraying)

As the need for the use of Aica aibon glue increases, and as a manifestation of the company's innovation in developing existing products to meet the brilliant ideas of its consumers, PT Aica Indonesia presents the latest product variant of Aica Aibon polish type glue, namely Aica aibon S+.

Aica Aibon S+ is a development of the Aica Aibon 7 product which is focused on becoming a specialist adhesive in the installation of HPL materials and something similar. With the thicker form, Aica Aibon S+ is the right choice to increase the efficiency of product use at your work.

To facilitate the use process, Aica Aibon S+ is available in 2 types of packaging sizes, namely 2.5 kg and 9.5 kg. And apart from HPL, Aica Aibon S+ can be used to glue plywood materials with good adhesion.

Aica-Aibon variants :

How To Use Aica-Aibon S+

The following are recommendations for how to use Aica Aibon S+ products:

  1. Make sure the entire surface to be applied is dry and clean from dust and dirt.
  2. First remove rust, oil and stains or other pollutants if they are present on the surface of the material to be applied.
  3. The method for using polish type Aica Aibon glue is to apply it to the surface of the material thoroughly and evenly using a proper equipment.
  4. Apply Aica Aibon S+ thinly and thoroughly on both sides of the surface to be pasted. As an example of sticking HPL to plywood, apply Aica Aibon S+ to the surface of the HPL and plywood, wait 10-25 minutes for the glue to slightly dry and evaporated, then stick the two surfaces that have been smeared with glue and apply pressure.
  5. Make sure the two surfaces stick perfectly.

You can get various Aica Aibon products at the nearest stores or agents that are spread throughout Indonesia. Wherever you are, Aica Aibon bound limitless!

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