What is HPL?

HPL Definition

The definition of HPL will be discussed this time. We often hear the word ‘HPL’ in the world of furniture and interior design, but do you know what HPL means? And what are the types?

High Pressure Laminates or also know as HPL is one of the finishing components in the field of Interior Design which is very famous in the community. As for everyday we encounter HPL on every surface of walls, doors and furniture, it turns out that there are still many people who don't know what HPL is.

In short, HPL is 'paper' which is stacked and pressed using a high-temperature press machine and in the process uses resin to make the 'paper' material hard and stick together, the paper used is Kraft Paper.

PT Aica Indonesia as a decorative panel manufacturer from Japan under the Aica Kogyo license, has been producing HPL in Indonesia since 1974. Having factories in the country, precisely in East Bekasi and Cikampek, makes Aica Indonesia a trusted trademark, especially regarding quality, stock availability, service to delivery of each product. In order to meet the needs of the domestic market, Aica Indonesia works with PT Marga Bharata as the sole distributor to reach agents, shops and users nationwide.

Aica HPL: From solid colors to wood motifs, it's all there!

Aica HPL is one of the products from Aica Indonesia which is most popular within public, especially interior designers and furniture workshops. Presenting hundreds of motifs and finishes, Aica HPL gives Interior Designers and furniture enthusiasts the freedom to be creative and mix and match motifs, colors and finishes. The motif and finishing options can be selected through the J-Cube catalog which you can get here.

After knowing the meaning of HPL, the following is the classification of Aica HPL based on its motif, namely:

  1. HPL + Wonder
  2. HPL Solid Color
  3. HPL Wood Pattern
  4. HPL Stone/Abstract

The following is a brief review of each type of motif available on Aica HPL products.

1. HPL + Wonder

Aica wonder
Aica HPL Wonder for reception room

HPL with the +Wonder variant is a brand resulting from cooperation and collaboration between Aica Kogyo Japan and Light Cube, a textile design company. In total, around 14 motifs have been launched specifically for the Indonesian market and are dominated by marble motifs.

2. HPL Solid Color

Aica HPL Solid color
Aica HPL Solid Color

Solid color HPL is HPL that only has 1 color per sheet, the colors can be primary or secondary colors. Aica Indonesia has a variety of colors in the Aica HPL solid color collection in the J-Cube catalog.

3. HPL Wood Pattern

Aica HPL
Aica HPL Wood Pattern

This type of HPL is perhaps the most popular among furniture and interior design fans. HPL Wood Pattern is HPL which has motifs from various types of wood. Aica Indonesia itself has hundreds of types of HPL Wood Patterns ranging from Oak, Teak, Cedar and so on. Not only that, Aica HPL allows you to customize the texture finishing on the HPL you choose.

4. HPL Stone/Abstract

Apart from the three types above, Aica Indonesia also has many HPL with stone to abstract motifs such as fabric, metal, etc.

That is the meaning of HPL and the various types of HPL available at Aica Indonesia. The many types and motifs of HPL owned by Aica Indonesia give designers more freedom to be creative in creating the best furniture and interior works created by the nation's children.



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