Aica Ramadhan

The entire management and employees of PT Aica Indonesia would like to wish a happy fasting in Ramadan Mubarak to our fellow Aica friends who are observing it. May we always be blessed and granted ease in carrying out our worship during this holy month, and may it bring goodness to us all.

Fasting should not be a reason for us to stop working and doing other positive things, just like how Aica Indonesia welcomes the month of Ramadan with enthusiasm and joy through the "Bukber BICARA (Bincang Aica Keliling Nusantara)" event that will be held throughout the month of Ramadan.

Through this event, Aica Indonesia will invite our Aica friends to gather and break their fast together while chatting and sharing casually about Aica's decorative panel products and other topics.

To learn more about the schedule and location of the Bukber BICARA event, please follow the Aica Indonesia Forum Facebook Group and Instagram account And don't forget to subscribe to Aica Indonesia Official's Youtube channel to stay updated on the events, interior project videos, and information about Aica Indonesia products.

See you at the Bukber BICARA event, Aica friends!


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