Thudio by Dekoruma

For those of you who are involved in the world of interior design, you are certainly familiar with this brand, Dekoruma. As a home and living platform and one of the largest furniture provider brands in Indonesia, Dekoruma continues to innovate to meet the needs of its customers while keeping up with the times.

Recently Dekoruma has launched Thudio on the 3D design software SketchUp. This is a plugin, or additional software that you can embed into the SketchUp software to provide additional functions which will certainly make your design work easier.

PT Aica Indonesia, as one of the largest brands of decorative panels and laminates in Indonesia, is also collaborating on the Thudio plugin. PT Aica Indonesia collaborates with Thudio by Dekoruma to include all motifs of Aica Indonesia products.

Dimas Harry Priawan, CEO & Co-Founder of Dekoruma, said that the presence of Thudio started from the problems faced by designers when designing, such as requiring quite a long time to find 3D models and material textures similar to original products on the market.

They also sometimes have difficulty finding products that suit their designs. On the other hand, brand suppliers also have difficulty exploring how their products can be used by designers appropriately and accurately (source:

Paying attention to these problems, Aica Indonesia through Thudio by Dekoruma presents all Aica Indonesia product motifs starting from Aica HPL, Cerarl and ToughTop. With Thudio, you can use Aica product motifs more easily, quickly, and of course provide real results according to the original motif.

Apart from that, with Thudio you can also use various brands of building and other interior materials such as furniture, sanitary and hardware fittings.

You can download this plugin for free on the official Thudio website.

How to Use Aica Products on Thudio

Before the arrival of Thudio, perhaps you had to download one by one the HPL motifs that you would use in the SkechUp 3D modeling application, this would of course take a lot of time and more effort, not to mention if the motif image quality was not optimal (blurry) it would definitely disrupt your work process. Now all of this can be done more quickly with better results. Below we explain how to use Aica product motifs in Thudio software.

  1. Download Thudio by Dekoruma

To download you can click the following link:

Thudio download banner

Follow the download and install steps until finished. After the installation process is complete, plugin will automatically open when you run the SketchUp software.

2. Search for "Aica" in the product search.

Type "Aica" in the Thudio search field then press enter on your keyboard.

how to use Thudio

3. Select the product and motif you want

All Aica Indonesia products are available, including Aica HPL, Cerarl and ToughTop.

how to use Thudio

4. Click choosen motifs and then click on the designated media

how to use Thudio


With just 4 steps, you can use all Aica Indonesia product motifs more practically and with HD image quality.
So what are you waiting for, perfect your interior design with a variety of Aica Indonesia products, download now!



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