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Are you looking for waterproof toilet cubicle panels? Compact from Aica is the answer!

PT Aica Indonesia as a company that produces and markets HPL products and other decorative panels since 1974 continues to work and innovate to produce quality products, aesthetic value and environmentally friendly. To date, Aica Indonesia has produced and marketed 7 main types of products, namely Aica Laminates (HPL), Cerarl, ToughTop, Aica-Aibon glue, Aica MFC, Compact and Postform with various advantages, as well as hundreds of combinations of motifs and textures available.
Among the 7 types of products, there are Compact products. The following is a brief summary of the product.

HPL Evolution & Innovation

Compact Aica
Compact Structure


As a toilet cubicle, Compact actually has the same basic ingredients as HPL, namely using kraft paper as the core material. However, the difference is that the compact has more layers of kraft paper than the HPL product, this is what makes the Compact thicker. The thickness of the Compact commonly sold is 12 mm (+0.5/-1.0), however Aica Indonesia provides various other sizes that can be ordered on a custom basis.
The Compact is also coated with 2 pattern papers, making the Compact have 2 patterned sides (2 faces), unlike HPL which only has 1 layer of pattern paper (1 face). Apart from that, Compact also uses a different resin than HPL products. It makes Compact become waterproof cubicle toilet.

Compact Specifications

Compact, as one of Aica Indonesia's products, is integrated with the J-Cube catalog in terms of motif selection, this allows customers to be able to custom select the desired motif from the J-Cube catalog. As for custom orders, Compact has a minimum order quantity of 2 pieces.
Talking about actual size, the Compact measures 4 x 8 feet or approximately 1.2 x 2.4 meters per sheet. Having a brown material core, the Aica Compact has also been given a Delica surface finish (code N74 on the "surface texture" page in the J-Cube catalog).

How to Read Code

All Aica Indonesia products are equipped with a unique product code that is different for each type of product, this is to make it easier to differentiate between one product and another. Aica Compact has an XS code, for example XS-14041-N74. What is the meaning of this code?
XS is the code for Compact products, all Compact products will definitely start with the code XS.
14041 is the pattern/motif code. The pattern code can be obtained from the J-Cube catalog according to what the customer desires.
N74 is the code for Delica surface texture. The surface texture of the Compact product cannot be customized and is only available on the Delica (N74) type.

toilet cubicle
Compact with Many Thickness

As for thickness, the Compact can be customized with the following thickness and code:

Compact Aica

*Because it is custom, consult first with the sales team or product specifier regarding availability and estimated production time.

Advantages & Uses Compact Toilet Cubicle

Aica Compact has the following advantages:

  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Strong material, does not crack even if a 1 kg iron ball is hit on it (test)
  • Many choices of motifs, customers can choose from hundreds of motifs available in the J-Cube catalog
  • Easy to clean, reduces cleaning maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly, does not contain carcinogenic materials such as asbestos
kubikel toilet tahan air
Toilet Cubicle
Aeon Mall Serpong
aeon mall bsd
Cubicle Toilet

With the strength of the material and the 2 patterned sides of the material, Compact is commonly used as material for toilet cubicles and restaurant tables.
For further information about Compact, follow and DM Instagram or contact Aica Indonesia's Official WhatsApp by clicking the WhatsApp button at the bottom right of the Aica Indonesia website page.

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