With more than 40 years experience of producing yellow adhesive, Aica always comes up with the latest innovations. We always produce best quality product with while maintaining quality of packaging, We value your support and trust as of now, and we are committed to always develop best quality product for your needs.

Aica aibon as a pioneer of yellow adhesive in Indonesia, continues to innovate to present various variations of the latest products that suit customer needs.

Besides being known as an adhesive for the installation of HPL and decorative panels, aica aibon is also known as a multi-functional adhesive to produce a strong and durable result.

Aica aibon has a high level of viscosity that makes its use more efficient and produces good adhesion. This will be the best choice for those of you who use Aica aibon to glue things made of plywood, HPL, rubber, vinyl, leather to metal.

Comes in various variants with different uses, make sure you choose the product according to the application needs.

For a wide selection of aica aibon products along with product descriptions, you can see in the column below.

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