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Aica Goes to Campus is an activity initiated by PT Aica Indonesia in collaboration with campuses throughout Indonesia. Aims to facilitate student in getting information and inspiration regarding the selection of decorative panel materials, the various advantages of using decorative panels and the proper application process.

On this occasion, Aica Indonesia through the Aica Goes to Campus activity had the opportunity to visit and share product information with fellow students of the Interior Design study program from Tarumanagara University.

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There, Aica Indonesia collaborated with PT Marga Bharata to deliver information about Aica Indonesia's products on the market. This is to open the students insight about what product variants are available from Aica Indonesia.

Aica Indonesia comes with a wide selection of decorative panel products, of course with various advantages and uses. After the success of Aica HPL, with proven quality, now Aica Indonesia is aggressively introducing 2 new superior products, namely Toughtop and Cerarl.

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Aica mahasiswa

At this event, Tarumanagara University Interior Design students had the opportunity to see and experience the various advantages of ToughTop and Cerarl products for themselves. Aica Indonesia provided an opportunity for several students to come forward and try to install ToughTop and Cerarl on the media that had been provided.

These two products are innovations from HPL, where both products have a thickness of 3 mm, in contrast to HPL which is only 0.8 mm. Even though they have the same thickness, these two products have different uses.

CERARL is a non-combustible decorative panel that can be used as a decorative panel for backsplash kitchens, room walls, bathrooms to other wet and humid rooms. With the advantages of being heat resistant, easy to install, waterproof and damp, impact resistant and anti-bacterial, making cerarl the right choice to be a decorative panel in the building interior.

While ToughTop is a solution for various 'top surfaces' in the interior, usually used on table tops as a substitute for natural stone or solid surfaces. In addition to its much lighter weight than stone, ToughTop also offers other advantages such as abrasion resistance, heat resistance, easy cleaning, anti-bacterial and of course a simple and easy installation process. With these advantages, it is not surprising that ToughTop is the main choice in terms of table top material.

Through the Aica Goes to Campus activity this time, students were also given an overview of the recommendations for the installation of these two superior Aica products.

"I think this event is very useful to increase students' knowledge and insight, especially in terms of materials and finishing for interior element furniture." Said Ferdinand, a lecturer in Furniture Design for Interior Design at Tarumanagara University.

For all lecturers of Interior Design study programs in all universities in Indonesia who want to hold a similar event, you can directly contact Aica Indonesia's Official WhatsApp at +6281229990279.


Since Aica Goes to Campus is still going on, which campus is next?

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