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Maranatha Christian University, or better known as Maranatha University is one of the leading private universities in Bandung. Through the Interior Design study program, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, PT Aica Indonesia collaborated to organize an event aimed at increasing awareness of Maranatha University interior design students regarding decorative panel materials. What event is it? Read more!

Aica Goes to Campus

Aica Goes to Campus is a routine event organized by PT Aica Indonesia in collaboration with PT Marga Bharata as the sole distributor of Aica in Indonesia, as well as collaborating with campuses in Indonesia that have interior design and architecture majors or study programs.

This activity is a form of PT Aica Indonesia's concern for the education in Indonesia where later fellow students can find out and obtain information about various kinds of decorative panel materials that are spread on the market and of course decorative panels are one of the important aspects they will face in the professional world in the future, whether it's about mastery of the material, specifications or how to install and use it.

AGTC Maranatha Christian University: From Assembling Cerarl & ToughTop to Practice Assembling Bed Room Desk!

Aica workshop

This time Aica Goes to Campus (AGTC) was held at Maranatha Christian University, Bandung city. With the mission of introducing a variety of available decorative panel products, Aica Indonesia cooperates with the Maranatha University interior design study program in its implementation.

Aica Workshop
Aica Workshop
Aica Indonesia

This event was attended by students and lecturers of the interior design program. Beginning with the delivery of product information by the Aica Indonesia and Marga Bharata team, in the delivery the students were also provided with the latest Aica Indonesia catalog and various product samples so that students could directly see the product and be able to project its use clearly.

Aica Workshop
Aica Worksh

After receiving a detailed explanation of decorative panel products, students were given the opportunity to try the installation of 2 superior products from Aica Indonesia, namely Cerarl and ToughTop.

What is Cerall?

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For information, Cerarl is an Aica Indonesia product that is currently being widely used by interior design activists. CERARL is a non-combustible decorative panel that can be used as a decorative panel in vertical areas such as kitchen backsplashes, room walls, bathrooms or other wet and humid rooms. With the advantages of heat resistance, easy installation, water and moisture resistance, scratch resistance and anti-bacterial, making Cerarl the choice of many people to be a decorative panel in the interior of their buildings.

What is ToughTop?

If Cerarl is used on vertical area, then ToughTop is the panel used on horizontal one. In more detail, ToughTop is a solution for various 'top surfaces' in the interior, usually used on top tables as a substitute for natural stone or solid surfaces. ToughTop have much lighter in weight than stone, ToughTop also offers other advantages such as abrasion resistance, heat resistance, easy cleaning, anti-bacterial and of course the installation process is simple and easy. With these advantages, no wonder that ToughTop is the top choice in terms of table top material.

Aica workshop
Aica workshop

After trying Cerarl & ToughTop installation process, students were invited to try attaching HPL to wood panels which were then used to assemble bed room desk, in this activity Aibon S+ glue was used as one of Aica Indonesia's products which is a HPL glue specialist. Aibon S+ glue has a thicker texture so it doesn't evaporate easily and remains light when applied to the surface of the media, Aibon S+ glue also has stronger adhesion as a development from previous products.

Aica workshop
Aica workshop

Bed room desk is furniture that often uses HPL as a decorative panel to enhance the final result. In this activity students are facilitated to assemble bedside tables from the start of framing to finishing using HPL.

Aica workshop
Aica workshop

Do not forget, in this activity exclusive souvenirs from Aica Indonesia were distributed to fellow students who actively asked questions and enthusiastically participated in every activity.
Aica Indonesia will continue to travel to campuses in Indonesia to share information and experiences about interior design materials, especially decorative panels.

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