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Recently, so many furniture and interior product laminations have appeared in the Indonesian market, this has resulted in a wider selection of products with various qualities, especially HPL products.

Aica Indonesia as a manufacturer of a furniture and interior decorative panel products continues to strive to be able to compete in the local and global markets by continuously innovating to present the latest products with the highest quality.

Aica HPL: Best Top-End Laminates

Best HPL

In line with these efforts, Aica Indonesia won another prestigious award in mid-2023. Through the largest building material and interior exhibition in Indonesia, the Indonesia Building Technology Expo (Indobuildtech Expo) 2023, Aica Indonesia won the 'Best Top-End Laminates' award for Aica HPL products.

Best Top-End Laminates is an award for the best lamination product (HPL) in the Indonesian Top-End market segment, Aica Indonesia has managed to outperform other products operating in the same segment, including imported brands.

This award is the result of an assessment by a jury of representatives from the Ministry of Public Work and Public Housing of the Republic of Indonesia, representatives of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) Banten and representatives of the Indonesian Association of Interior Designers (HDII) Banten. Included in the assessment criteria are standards which continues to be maintained by Aica Indonesia in producing Aica HPL products that are marketed domestically, so that Aica always provides export quality products for domestic consumers. In addition, Aica HPL is also equipped with various certifications that guarantee the quality of every product marketed, not forgetting certifications related to the environment such as Green Guard, Green Guard Gold, Green Building, ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001.

Thanks to the entire Aica Indonesia team who always work hard in producing, managing and marketing high quality products. And of course thanks to Aica's friends all over the country, for the trust given to Aica HPL to be the best choice of furniture and building interior lamination products for you.

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