CERARL noncombustible & decorative panels are made with melamine resin impregnated decorative layers and a specialized noncombustible core, formed by a high temperature, high pressure press.

ToughTop is a new solution for interior top surface from AICA Indonesia, combination of luxury and strength. ToughTop is top surface material subsitute for natural stone. With a lighter weight, good abrasion resistance, and the best choice of pattern, making ToughTop the main choice in table top materials.

AICA High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is laminated plastic sheets that have been formed at high temperature (150 ° C) and high pressure (around 100 kg / cm2). This process involves stacking several sheets, each of which is then infiltrated with melamine and phenol resins, and dried separately. The surface layer consists of melamine resin while the core layer consists of phenol resin.

Aica Aibon and its pale yellow color has been widely recognized in Indonesia as one of the adhesive brands with strong durability and quality assurance from Japan. High quality multipurpose adhesives manufactured since 1974.

Aica MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) is a particle board laminated with hpl. Aica MFC is resistant to water. It won’t change shape if it gets wet. Heavy pots and pans can be stored on MFC shelves without damaging your cabinet interiors. Finally, MFC can be cleaned very easily by wiping down the surface with disinfectant – ideal for a hygienic kitchen.