Aica Aibon

The name Aica Aibon and its pale yellow color has been widely recognized in Indonesia as one of the adhesive brands with strong durability and quality assurance from Japan. High-quality multipurpose adhesives manufactured since 1974.

Aibon SP – 18 lt (15 Kg)


Additional information

Type of Aibon

Non Toluene


Pale yellow viscous liquid

Viscosity (cps)

4500± 300 (20°C)

NVM (105°C, 180 minutes)

22± 2 %

Open Time (minute)

9 ~ 40

Bonding (kg/cm2) (After 3 hours)

12 ± 1

Bonding (kg/cm2) (After 24 hours)

14 or more

Main Media

Metal sheet

General Media

Leather, Plywood, Rubber, Sponge, Wood

Package Size


18 lt

Net Weight

15 Kg


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