Batik HPL

Batik HPL Features

Indonesian’s best cultural heritage

Now you can combine batik as part of your daily life with AICA HPL Batik. This durable, heat-resistant and beautiful laminate design is truly unique because it is specially made based on batik of your choice.

  • HPL Batik is made from original batik fabric which is manufactured in accordance with AICA HPL.
  • It is produced in Indonesia according to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) K 6902.
  • It has high durability and resistance to scratches, heat, impact and stains.
  • It is easy to clean and low maintenance.
  • It has various designs which matches the diversity and richness of batik in Indonesia.
  • It is custom made according to customer tastes because raw materials from batik fabrics are provided based on the customer's own batik fabrics.

Dimension and condition

  • The customer must provide the batik fabric with the appropriate size in order to have an HPL with a maximum length of 2300 mm and a maximum width of 1,200 mm made
  • Thickness of ± 1.6 mm
  • Production period is 2-3 weeks after receiving a Purchase Order and batik fabrics.
  • The final quality of HPL Batik is largely determined by the type of batik fabric processing itself whether it is printed or hand-written batik.

How to create Batik HPL