ToughTop Features

Luxury tabletop and kitchentop with timeless beauty & anti bacteria surface.

A new solution for interior top surface from AICA Indonesia, combination of luxury and strength. ToughTop is top surface material subsitute for natural stone. With a lighter weight, good abrasion resistance, and the best choice of pattern, making ToughTop the main choice in table top materials.

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Tacking Tape


Silicon Adhesive SE-8



Abrasion Resistant

Hard melamine surface with abrasion resistance.


Anti Bacteria

Maintains cleanliness by inhibithing growth of bacteria.


Heat resistant

Won’t discolor if splashed with hot water.


Durable and Impact Resistant

Strong melamine laminate board protects the surface from impact, splintering and scratching.


Easy to Maintain

Resistant to set-in stains, and
easy to wipe clean.


Simple Installation

Easy to cut smoothly and cleanly with circular saw.

Inorganic antibacterial agent
Integrated, surface layer

The SIAA brand mark is borne on products evaluated according to ISO 22196 and they are under quality control and information disclosure by the guidelines of the Society of Internation sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles.

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