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Aica HPL (a.k.a Aica HPL J-Cube) has been one of the best lamination products in Indonesia since 1974, by implementing Japanese standards in every product it produces, PT Aica Indonesia always maintains quality and perfection from the production process until the product delivered to you.

Various motifs and variations of Aica HPL products have been included in the J-Cube catalog (Aica HPL Collection) since 2021. And now, Aica Indonesia has launched the latest edition of the Aica HPL J-Cube 2023-2024 catalog.

The new J-Cube 2023-2024 catalog was launched at the Indonesia Building Technology (IndoBuildTech) Expo 2023 event which was held on 5 - 9 July 2023 at the International Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang. This was enthusiastically welcomed by Aica's friends who attended the exhibition, as evidenced by the fact that 1,500 of the latest J-Cube catalog books were distributed free of charge to booth visitors who exchanged business cards and filled in the form.

The Aica HPL J-Cube 2023-2024 catalog brings a new, fresher and modern design with the addition of 8 new motifs from the Aica HPL variant. The new motifs presented are from the group of woodgrain, textile to marble motifs.

Aica HPL New
Here are the 8 newest motifs from the Aica HPL product variant:
1. AS-14172-CY32 (Gray Crust Granite)
2. AS-14175-KM (Glossy Gray Sheer Marble)
3. AS-14176-CY32 (Light Fuzzy Concrete)
4. AS-14179-CS22 (Gray Luxe Textile)
5. ASW-14173-KS83 (Pure Light Marfil)
6. ASW-14174-KM (Glossy Pure White Sheer Marble)
7. ASW-14177-KS22 (Pure White Luxe Textile)
8. ASW-14178-KS22 (Pure Light Luxe Textile)

You can get these new motifs at the nearest shops and agents in your city, or can be ordered directly through sole distributor Aica Indonesia. To get the latest Aica HPL J-Cube 2023/2024 catalog, you can fill out the form on the official Aica Indonesia website. Or download the e-catalog available on the catalog menu.

Don't miss an update on your best HPL selection from the various variants of the latest Aica HPL products in the Aica HPL J-Cube 2023/2024 catalog, get yours now!

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